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Land Mining


NZ Geotechnical Consultants provide a wide range of Geotechnical Services to facilitate any project you may have. We have the capability to provide our services country-wide whilst maintaining our prompt turnaround times and cost efficiency. We have an excellent rapport with our clients and uphold a strong reputation in professionalism and dependability. 

Shallow Geotechnical Investigations

NZGCL can provide shallow investigations Including hand auger, dynamic cone penetrometer & sheer vane testing.

Deep Machine Investigations - For TC2/TC3 sites

NZGCL will organise & oversee Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) or Machine Borehole Testing in order to facilitate our deep Geotechnical Reports.

Shallow Geotechnical Report -  For TC1/TC2 sites

Following site specific investigations we can complete a shallow Geotechnical report suitable for Building consent submission.

Construction Monitoring

NZGCL can assist with Construction Monitoring during the construction phase of any project. We also have the ability to undertake NDM Testing and Clegg Hammer Testing.

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