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Shallow Geotechnical Investigations

NZGC are experienced practitioners in undertaking Hand Auger, Scala Penetrometer and Shear Vane testing whilst logging to the NZ Geotechnical Standards. We can undertake this testing across all parts of New Zealand.

Geotechnical Reporting

NZGCL provide professional factual and interpretive engineering reports that are suitable for Resource Consent and Building Consent. Whether constructing a single-storey residential structure, Multi-Unit Buildings or a large commercial project, NZGCL can provide the gotechnical reports to suit your needs

Construction Monitoring

Deep Machine Investigations

NZGC have organised and overseen multiple projects requiring deep machine investigations. Including CPT & Machine Borehole testing. We work closely with subcontractors to offer these services in a timely manner

Site Specific Assessments

NZGCL can provide assessments on land stability, liquefaction assessments, earthquake claim remediations and foundation wall designs anywhere in New Zealand

NZGCL have the qualified staff and equipment to undertake construction monitoring and can provide a Producer Statement PS1 and a PS4 following our inspections. We have the capabilities to undertake compaction testing including Clegg Impact Testing and Nuclear Density Meter (NDM) Testing

NZGCL Updates

Watch this space for NZGCL and Industry updates

NZGCL are proud to announce that we now offer our clients the peace of mind provided by Nuclear Density Meter (NDM) Testing. The benefit of using a Nuclear Density Meter is a well-recognised, industry standard when it comes to compaction of gravel subgrades.


The NDM produces accurate data on degree of saturation, compaction percentage, and air void percentage in minutes. The NDM works by emitting radioactivity into the ground through either Direct Transmission or Surface (Back-Scatter) Testing and measuring the attenuation of energy within the ground.

Increasingly, NDM testing is becoming a requirement within construction monitoring because of its accuracy, portability, speed and non-destructive nature. 


NZ Geotechnical Consultants are here to ensure that the correct level of design is undertaken during any new build, no matter how big or small. We have the capabilities of producing qualitative and quantitative liquefaction assessments and can ensure that any new build is done to the required local authorities standards.

We are happy to discuss how we can assist in helping you with any future developments you are looking into. Feel free to contact us through e-mail ( or our offices directly on 03 390 5775.

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Jack Farrow

Managing Director / Senior Geotechnical Engineer

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